Friday, October 21, 2011

What hospital do athiests in Oklahoma City go to?

Do they drive across town to OU Medical Center? Integris Southwest perhaps? Midwest City Regional? Norman Regional?

Or do they go to the nearest hospital such as Integris Baptist? Sisters of Mercy? Deaconess? Saint Anthony?

I'm just curious to know whether one's disbelief in God, or in some cases hatred for all things religious, precludes one from benefiting from a ministry started by a religious organization. Since athiests are offended by religion in the public square can they walk through a doorway put there by the Baptists, Catholics, etc. or does integrity demand they go to an entirely secular hospital?

I'm not trying to start a big separation of church and state argument, just wondering how far people will go to avoid religion.

PS- The building the OU emergency room is in was built by the Presbyterians.

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