Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SQ 755 lawsuit.

SQ755 lawsuit

I'm not a lawyer but I'm smart and I've read the US Constitution. I've also read SQ 755 and all 25 pages of Muneer Awad's lawsuit.

He does show how he thinks he would be personally harmed by 755 going into effect but his main reasons just don't wash. Considering the over 40 years of judicial hostility towards anything Christian I fail to see why the references to Islamic Law cited in his will should be given any thought. Just put the details in and leave out the reasons why certain things are in the will.

He claims offense and injury, ireparable harm, stigmatizing, and denigrating his faith. If the Muslim faith requires judges to consider laws or beliefs NOT enacted by our elected representatives then I suppose it is being denigrated.

Admittedly there have been no attempts to use Sharia law in Oklahoma but elsewhere in the US it is being used in civil cases and a judge in New Jersey denied a restraining order to a wife because she has no right under Islam to refuse sex with her husband. Thankfully this was reversed on appeal but we can't count on this kind of continued common sense.

I also believe that if the woman had been Christian, Jew, or even athiest the judge would have gone with womens' rights from the start.

This injunction against 70% of the voters should never stand but my reading of the judges order indicates that she may have already made up her mind in the plaintiff's favor and the hearing next week is just for show.


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