Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chick-fil-A, for those days when you want good food and friendly treatment.

This is the review I just posted on Google for the Chick-fil-A on North May in Oklahoma City after an incident in which I left Taco Bueno without my order that I already paid for and waited at least 15 minutes for. I finally handed my receipt to someone else who was waiting and drove down to Chick-fil-A for some real food. I assume the "tolerance" crowd is still boycotting them because of the anti-gay stance of the owner, but they're depriving themselves of some very good food and outstanding customer service.


After walking out of a fast food place down the street without my paid-for order I came to Chick-fil-A, walked up behind the one customer who was ordering, and another employee came to the counter to take care of me. I then stepped off to the side to wait and less than 2 minutes later, had my chicken salad sandwich and was leaving. All in all, my time inside was less than the time it took to PLACE MY ORDER at the taco _____ I had gotten tired of waiting at. Everybody was cheerful and made me feel like I was welcome and not an interruption in their day.

No matter what location of Chick-fil-A I visit, I am greeted in a friendly manner, served promptly, and when I thank them, am told "It's my pleasure sir."

I understand it's part of the training, but obviously the company culture gives them a reason to sound like they mean it and they're not just reading a script.


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