Friday, February 22, 2013


After yesterday's medical helicopter crash in northwest Oklahoma City, employees of the nearby nursing home pulled a survivor out just before it exploded. This is just the latest example of the fact that first responders are NOT police, fire department, and ambulance. The true first responders are witnesses and bystanders who were already there when it happened. Unfortunately many of these heroes also get hurt or killed due to lack of proper equipment and training.

U.S. Citizen Corps provides free training in first aid and search & rescue procedures for people who want to be able to safely help in an emergency. You can join a volunteer Community Emergency Response Team in your area or just save the knowledge in case the need should ever arise to spontaneously assist others in time of crisis.


It only takes a small investment of time and this all hazards approach will prepare you for tornadoes, earthquakes, ice storms, house fires, or a broken leg from falling off of a ladder. It also encourages personal preparation for surviving disasters until professional help arrives.

Jump in with both feet and learn what to do in an emergency when you have to jump in with both feet.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gun insurance

On this proposal to require gun owners to have liability insurance... I've heard it compared to mandatory insurance for cars but that's not fair... you don't need insurance or even a license to keep a car in your garage. You can even start it occasionally to make sure it still works so long as it's never driven on a public street.

If one of my guns is misused and an innocent gets hurt then hold ME responsible. The same goes for my neighbor or anyone else. To make a financial hardship for me to pay for others' misdeeds would be like giving speeding tickets to everyone who drives, regardless of HOW they drive.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/07 test

This is a test of an Evernote export to my blog, which then updates Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second Amendment supporters, preppers, and gun control

I can't spend more than a few minutes on Facebook or Twitter without seeing some liberal making fun of Second Amendment supporters by asking something like, "How long can you and your AR-15 hold out against the superior weapons of the modern military? They WILL be prying the gun from your cold, dead fingers."

As far as I'm concerned the point is deterrence, not who will win in an all-out fight. I believe that there will never be a door-to-door disarm order as long as government officials and especially the soldiers and police officers who would be tasked with carrying out such an order know that a large percentage of Americans will resist.

Nobody wants a large scale repeat of Waco and Ruby Ridge headlines. The day there are troops in tanks rolling through neighborhood streets with attack helicopters hovering overhead will be the death of America, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

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