Friday, February 22, 2013


After yesterday's medical helicopter crash in northwest Oklahoma City, employees of the nearby nursing home pulled a survivor out just before it exploded. This is just the latest example of the fact that first responders are NOT police, fire department, and ambulance. The true first responders are witnesses and bystanders who were already there when it happened. Unfortunately many of these heroes also get hurt or killed due to lack of proper equipment and training.

U.S. Citizen Corps provides free training in first aid and search & rescue procedures for people who want to be able to safely help in an emergency. You can join a volunteer Community Emergency Response Team in your area or just save the knowledge in case the need should ever arise to spontaneously assist others in time of crisis.


It only takes a small investment of time and this all hazards approach will prepare you for tornadoes, earthquakes, ice storms, house fires, or a broken leg from falling off of a ladder. It also encourages personal preparation for surviving disasters until professional help arrives.

Jump in with both feet and learn what to do in an emergency when you have to jump in with both feet.

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