Monday, October 10, 2016

More ghosts of the past...

Today would have been my brother Wayne's 58th birthday. I've written about him and his murder before and don't have any new revelations but while thinking about it this afternoon two other names popped into my head: Cinda Pallet and Charlotte Kinsey. These teenagers disappeared from the Oklahoma State Fair in 1981 and were never found. I feel a connection to this case because I volunteered for the safety & security watch the next year. We were patrolling every inch of the fairgrounds watching for ANYTHING suspicious and the heavy presence then and to date has probably prevented some bad things that might have otherwise occurred.

I think about Cinda and Charlotte every few years, usually around the time of the fair. I don't really mind them haunting my thoughts and only wish that the families could find their girls and get some closure. Royal Russell Long, the suspect charged but not convicted, said that he was the only one who would ever know what happened and he died in 1993.

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