Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayer request for myself

Friends, I just don't ask for prayer for myself. I plod through life helping other people.

But I'm writing this from a hospital room with 3 broken ribs and a pelvis with 2 breaks on 1 side & hairline cracks on the other. A horse we were training spooked and took off running. I lost the stirrip with one foot and couldn't stay in the saddle when she turned.

In the process of checking for head injuries, the cat scan showed a mass behind my left eye that has been growing for some time. The follow-up MRI was inconclusive so it will take more testing to find out how bad it is.

I've never been so uncertain about my future and it's a little scary. I'm learning how to use a walker and not put weight on the leg that doesn't hurt. Don't know when I can go back to work or what I'll do when I get there.

Thanks for reading and please keep me in your prayers.

Chuck Boyle

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