Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Guns don't belong in school!"

Reads the Facebook post of a friend when she learned of an Oklahoma legislator's proposal to allow properly trained and licensed teachers to arm themselves for protection.

It's a good sentiment, but guns ARE getting in, carried by criminals intent on death and destruction, carried by students (see the latest headlines) who realize that the education establishment can't protect them, and undoubtably carried by a few teachers who have come to the same realization. I agree that guns don't belong in school but as long as they are getting in, how about recognizing that fact and letting people defend themselves instead of being sitting ducks. Calling 911, telling the operator what's happening, the call being dispatched, and waiting for the police to arrive can take enough time for someone to kill every person in a school.

Let willing adults have the chance to stop a shooting spree early instead of being known as the one who died shielding others with her body.

Or is it somehow more honorable to be killed in a spray of bullets knowing that you, at least, didn't bring a gun to school?

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