Friday, June 8, 2012

Fathers Day thoughts from a stepdad

Twenty three years ago I was called to tow a car from Sonic to the shop I worked in. It was driven by a woman who had found herself suddenly single with three boys, and pregnant again. Over the next few months the car was fixed, she gave birth to a baby boy, and I began hanging around her family. They were fun people and her grandmother, "Granny" started treating me like a grandson.

Eventually, I asked Deona Rae Hand out on a date for her birthday. We had a good time and started dating, got engaged, and then married. I accepted her four sons and her ex-stepdaughter as my children. As I write this we have an eight year old granddaughter and another granddaughter and a grandson on the way. The thought of having three grandchildren is making me feel old but that's ok.

I'm a Papa and every Father's Day is better than the last.

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