Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why does Wal Mart stay open all night?

It's obviously not so customers can shop because their maintenance crews and stockers do everything they can to discourage shopping.

Tonight between 10 and 11 I tried to shop at the Wal Mart on I-35 in Norman, Oklahoma. As I moved toward groceries from the other end of the store they were roping off the main aisle that runs from the front to the back between grocery and clothing. Ok, I understand the need to strip and wax the floors during low-traffic times so I go around to the back of the store where I want to start off. WRONG! There's a pallet in the middle of the peanut & popcorn aisle. Apparently just blocking half of the main aisle and carrying cases the rest of the way isn't good enough anymore. I skip that and go on through dairy and proceed with the rest of my shopping. Oops! Two more aisles blocked by pallets. Remember, the main aisle on the other end is blocked for waxing so if you need anything past the halfway point you are out of luck tonight.

Keep going through the meat department towards produce collecting what I need (and can reach)
as I go. It figures. This aisle is blocked by pallets AND hand carts. By the way, I have received dirty looks at least twice by "associates" for the crime of going through their work area. This is still before midnight so the store is fairly busy.That kind of attitude is uncalled for even if you can ignore all the blocked aisles. I'm not sure what company policy is nowadays but they managed to run me off before I got everything I needed.

Don't get me wrong - I love Wal Mart. It's convenient (most of the time) and usually has everything I need. But there seems to be a basic lack of leadership and common sense.

How late does Super Target stay open?

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