Friday, November 4, 2011

And why Christmas music is always in my MP3 player...

My wife gets frustrated because I listen to Christmas music year round. My MP3 player contains Celtic, new age, classical, classic rock, gospel, Christmas, and even a little metal. I don't use playlists so all the music just rotates through. I think songs about the birth of our Saviour shouldn't be limited to the period between Thanksgiving and New Years. As I stated in yesterday's post, we know Jesus probably wasn't born on December 25, that's just the date chosen long ago to celebrate.

Some common theories point to late March or late April as the time Jesus was born but nobody knows for sure. It doesn't really matter when he was born. The fact that He was born and died for our sins is all I need.

Since we don't know the exact date, when I'm listening to Away In A Manger in July, I might be right on the money. So please, give me a break.

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