Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random thoughts...

Gun sales in Arizona have increased since the shootings Saturday. How many of those are by liberals who have decided THEY have the right to defend themselves?

Pres Obama got into the language of politics at a memorial service when everyone was hoping for a healing speech.

They couldn't have found a lower class audience if they tried. Even Obama was aggravated by the cheering that delayed the start of his speech.

And what's with the "Together We Thrive" t-shirts given to the audience? Isn't that a campaign kind of thing?

Some of the people blaming Sarah Palin's rhetoric for the shooting are threatening her life.

Were the "F*** Bush" t-shirts civil?

When people said "It should have been Bush" when Cheney had a heart attack, was that civil?

And I guess "Bush lied, people died" was civil too?

Accusing me of being racist just for disagreeing politically with Obama, is that civil?

The Bush administration's spying on terrorists was frequently referred to as being like the book "1984" but the left's facination with rewriting history and controlling what people can say is really Big Brother.


Are we sure Janet Napolitano is a woman?

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