Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm not a climate change denier...

From ice ages to record droughts the climate has been changing since the beginning. No one in his right mind could deny that. What I deny is the pro-big government types insisting that human activity is causing what they can't even agree on for any length of time.

In the seventies we were going into an ice age and needed to stop using fossil fuels. In the eighties it was the ozone hole. In the 90's it was global warming. Now it's global climate change.

A 1971 article in the Washington Post claimed that the average temperature might drop by six degrees by 2021 which could trigger an ice age in another 5 or 10 years. Our fossil fuel use has increased and when faced with increased temperatures the climate scientists invented the term "global warming" and used warm winters and hot summers as their proof. Then a record cold winter came along and "warming" magically turned into "climate change" which basically covers everything. Blizzards, droughts, even normal weather patterns all prove climate change and once they prove climate change then any government control of the economy is justified.

To believe that humans can affect something as huge as climate is the height of arrogance. We needed to stop using fossil fuels to prevent cooling. We didn't stop and the temperatures went up. We needed to ban CFCs immediately because their effects would stay in the atmosphere for years. Well, the ozone hole is closing faster than anyone expected. Would it still have come back if we had kept using CFCs? It hasn't lived up to the models so who can say for sure. Incidentally, a recent National Geographic article brought up the possibility that the closing of the ozone hole may be causing further warming, at least in the Antarctic region.

As far as being skeptical, when the symptoms keep changing and the doctor still diagnoses the same disease I'm going to insist on a second opinion. But the second opinion doctors end up discredited, with their credentials threatened just for the crime of disagreeing with the elites controlling the argument. Debate offers are either rebuffed or totally ignored. You can't have a consensus with so many people not falling in line with you. Your credibility goes in the toilet when you insult your opponents.

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